What Type of Content Marketing Do You Need?

March 2016

What Type of Content Marketing Do You Need?

What Type of Content Marketing Do You Need?
Content is king – those words were first coined well before the Internet age, but they’re truer today than ever before, and that applies to your online marketing efforts as much as to anything else. If you lack a strong content marketing plan integrated with your SEO strategy, you’re going to fail. Google has made sure of it. In fact, the search engine giant is now putting more focus on quality content than on any other single aspect of website creation as it applies to search visibility. This naturally raises the question of what type of content marketing you need.
Yes, You Need Content Marketing
According to Forbes and the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing can be defined as, “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”
Everyone needs content marketing. If you have a website and want to drive traffic and increase sales, then content is the key. It’s not about your sales message (well, it might be partially, but that’s another discussion). It’s not about your website design (that’s important, yes, but content is essential). You need a formulated, clearly laid out content marketing strategy that fits your needs.
Here’s the thing – there’s no A-B-C route to content marketing that will fit every business’ needs. Some will do better creating social content. Others succeed with blog posts and articles. Yet others see better results by offering free reports or ebooks. Most do need a combination of all types of content marketing, though, just in different percentages.
It Starts with a Plan
The temptation to just leap right in and start creating content can be strong, and that may be necessary depending on your circumstances. However, it’s vital that you start with a plan. You need to determine why you’re creating content. What are your goals? What do you hope to achieve? Whom do you want to reach? This will help you determine many different things, including what types of content marketing you need to utilize.
Clickable versus Valuable
There’s a lot of contention out there about the type of content you should produce. A lot of business owners are focusing strictly on “clickable” content – stuff like Buzzfeed. You know, they’ve got clickbait headlines and content that might be fun to read, but ultimately doesn’t make a difference to you one way or another. For these business owners, it’s all about traffic. You need to determine if traffic is what you need, or if you would rather build relationships. That takes time, patience and a very different content marketing strategy. You’ll need to dismiss the notion of clickable content and instead focus on creating something that offers ongoing value to your customers – education, training, insights, unique points of view, etc.
Content marketing can be tricky, but the right plan will foster success. At Peppersack, we have in-depth experience creating customized content marketing plans to fit individual needs, and we can do the same for you.



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