Project Information

Client: Peppersack-CRM
Project Type: Bespoke Software, Client Portal
Project Technology: Cake PHP 3.0, jQuery, Ajax

Project Brief

To build a bespoke Client Relationship Management system for Peppersack to enable us to manage projects efficiently and increase levels of customer service. The aim of the project was to create a secure client and job management portal where clients would be provided with 24/7 access to all their company and project related information. The proposed system would enable us to organise project work in order to improve management processes, to streamline client communications and empower clients by creating an always available record of all communications including billing, shared documents and completed online forms. Ease of use was paramount meaning that interfaces had to be user friendly and functionality intuitive.
Due to client confidentiality we are unable to show the bespoke CRM systems we have built for our clients so we would like to show you the Peppersack CRM instead. Again due to client confidentiality it contains false data, but highlights how a CRM system can be created to meet a client's needs. In addition it enables you to glance behind the scenes and have a look at part of our client secure area which we use to interact with clients.
Peppersack like so many companies has to handle large volumes of documents from multiple clients on an array of projects, with some clients having multiple projects live at one time. As any company that has to manage paperwork filled in by users would confirm; managing a large number of physical files is always costly in terms of time and money. To this end we developed an online form builder and document storage system which we could use to create questionnaires when scoping jobs and then share them with clients via the portal. When complete these forms are categorised and stored in the relevant section of the clients' area. The document storage system gives each different project its own space within the client's secure area and allows both Peppersack and the client to upload and save documents. This is how we now share PPC, SEO and SMM monthly reports with clients and invite client feedback. These reports are now available twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Security and integrity is maintained by making the forms non-editable after final submission. The system also has a financial module which allows both Peppersack and our client's to query job costs, check payments and view any outstanding balances.
Document Sharing
Although our comprehensive form builder can take care of most documentation requirements on its own, there are times when sharing of other documents is necessary. This was achieved by providing the functionality to upload documents into appropriate sections. Both the client and the administrator are notified of any document uploads or downloads in any of the custom defined sections enabling ease of use and prompting action where necessary.
Client History Management
Repeat business with our clients is what we strive for, but keeping track of a client's history including all the documents, conversations and costs related to each job can become daunting. To ensure that all client information including their history is always available, we implemented an in-depth system that categorises every detail past or present and allows access via logically ordered sections. This could range from previous projects, to payments, to updates to documentation and more.
Client Access
We decided that the best way to deliver high levels of customer service and ensure that our clients have access to the right amount of information for their individual needs, was to make all project information available 24/7. This way clients can chose to access as much information as they require. We believe that keeping our clients aware of project developments and being open and transparent in our methods is of vital importance when developing a relationship built on trust. To this end the Peppersack CRM allows for client side access, where the client is able to view all updates that the administrator makes. The client is notified of all new activity in their area on the system; including when a document or a form has been shared or when a payment has been received. The client is also able to keep a track of spending on a live project as well as view breakdowns of all spending on individual past projects since the start of the relationship with Peppersack.
To protect client confidentiality the images shown of the CMS contain false data