Project Information

Client: EasyFlow
Project Type: Web Development
Project Technology: Cake PHP 3.0, jQuery, Ajax
Project Url: easyflow.co.uk

Project Brief

This project was about repositioning the company as a leading provider of specialist plumbing and electrical services and then generating sales enquiries. The company required a new website to achieve this.
The consensus was that the EasyFlow brand was already well suited to the target sector, but was being held back by promotional material that did not appeal to the target market and an out-of-date website. Based on focus group research, the logo and colour scheme were retained, but the image of the EasyFlow cartoon character and all marketing material were revised. The new website would incorporate this new style and have a modern easy to follow presentation. It was suggested to the company that the target areas of the new marketing campaign should be reduced to just Manchester and Liverpool to focus resources, with other cities being added at a later date.
Lead Generation
Key to the success of this project and key to the success of EasyFlow would be a good supply of new business leads. These could be via web form or by telephone enquiry. It was appreciated from an early stage that the bulk of people to visit the EasyFlow site would do so because they had a problem with their water heater. The provision of up to date and knowledgeable information about a wide variety of heaters was deemed essential. This would firstly enable the site to rank well in the search engines and secondly it would give visitors confidence that the company is an expert in their field and so would be more likely to make an enquiry. There are two main types of information; fault related information and model related information. The first type deals with a specific fault that may affect many heaters, such as a faulty temperature and pressure valve, the second deals with all the faults that a particular type of water heater might have. This was done because it was found that people mainly search for information about faults in one of these two ways and if there was going to be a chance of generating a lead, something of value from EasyFlow had to appear on the potential client’s screen.
Site Structuring
The website has been structured as a series of landing pages with enquiry form banners, high profile telephone numbers, a floating call back request box and links to information about faults and water heater guides. This has been done to satisfy the needs of two distinct groups; clients who make a quick evaluation about the professionalism of a company and then want action e.g. the heater fixing and so book a call out and others who need more information before making an informed decision.
Content Management System
The content management system was built to give the company complete control over the content to allow them to update and expand the information presented in the water heater guides. This ongoing aspect of site development is fundamental to the success of the site and so has been built in right from the start. The CMS is particularly easy to use and allows the admin to copy and paste text from MS Word documents. It also provides control over all on site elements.

Client Testimonial

"Thanks to Peppersack for new website. The site has already started producing new customer enquiries, which was the main objective. We look forward to working with Peppersack on our new digital marketing campaigns."