Project Information

Client: EasyFlow
Project Type: Social Media Marketing
Project Url: facebook.com/EasyFlowWater

Project Brief

To launch the VictorAndPercy initiative on Facebook to creates links and traffic for VictorAndPercy.com and EasyFlow.co.uk.
The Victor and Percy website helps to position the EasyFlow brand in the mind of the target audience, builds awareness and creates goodwill. The initiative features both plumbing and electric activities and presents EasyFlow as a professional organisation that gives something back to the community.
The EasyFlow / Victor and Percy page now has over 7800 likes on Facebook and continues to attract new likes and provide downloadable learning resources each week. The power of social media has taken a local initiative from the UK and made it popular globally with interest shown in Europe, North and South America and Asia. In order of the number of likes from each country, the initiative has the most followers in Trinidad and Tobago, followed by United Kingdom, New Zealand, USA, Jamaica and then Australia.

Client Testimonial

"We were pleased to see Victor and Percy having an impact on the international stage and believe that indirectly we have benefited by creating goodwill with our clients when we tell them about the Victor and Percy initiative and the benefits it is providing in some communities across the world"