Lifestyle Insurance Brokers


Project Information

Client: Lifestyle Insurance Brokers
Project Type: Web Development
Project Technology: PHP, MySql, HTML5
Project Url: lifestyleinsurancebrokers.co.uk

Project Brief

Lifestyle Insurance Brokers required a website that would enhance their unique position in the insurance market and develop the company's brand identity. In addition the site should improve communications with clients, improve access to the Motor Insurance Database service offered by the company and underpin the company’s marketing communications.
The project delivered exactly what the client required; a modern, functional website that captured the essence of the Lifestyle Insurance Brokers brand and its position in the market. Special consideration was given the Lifestyle’s clients and target market, their interest in cars outside their involvement in the motor business.
Site Structuring
The site has been presented in such a way to enable a distinction to be drawn between business information and information of a personal interest. The site offers three types of content; information on the services offered by the business, pages to interact with the business and personal interest pages for clients that feature topics such as racing and repairing classic cars.
Motor Insurance Database
The Motor Insurance Database allows motor traders to add cars to and remove cars from their insurance policy quickly and easily by providing some basic information. The information provided is submitted to the Motor Insurance Database. The Database is the central record of all insured vehicles in the UK. It is managed by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and is used by the Police and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to enforce motor insurance laws.
Lifestyle Blog
Central to the development of this site was the appreciation that motor traders are very interested in cars. The blog feature enables Lifestyle Insurance Brokers to indulge their interest and their clients’ interest in cars. This helps the site to rank on search engines, enhances the brand and gives clients more reason to keep returning to the site.
Content Management System

Client Testimonial

"Many thanks for an excellent web design & interface, customers are already thanking us. We’ve also noticed a significant increase in new business enquiries too. I hadn’t realised how out of date we were!"

Mark Firth

Managing Director

Lifestyle Insurance Brokers