Russian Language Centre


Project Information

Client: Russian Language Centre
Project Type: Web Development & eCommerce
Project Technology: Cake PHP 3.0, jQuery, Ajax
Project Url: russianlanguagecentre.co.uk

Project Brief

Undertake a review of the Russian Language Centre’s business to understand its method of operation, offerings and position in the market. Identify areas where online advantage could be gained. The review led to a number of objectives within the project
  • To create a site that positions the company as the leading provider of Russian language and cultural services in the North West of England
  • To generate enquiries for lessons and other services by providing extensive information about the companies activities
  • To take the lesson and exam booking, payment and administration systems online including student registration, records and communications to reduce administration time and costs
  • To create a 'tutor' interaction and management area to reduce the amount of time and the costs associated with allocating staff resources and new staff applications
  • To build an ecommerce platform to enable advanced payment for one-to-one lessons and group classes and to sell learning materials and other items to improve cash flow and reduce the time and associated cost of managing this aspect of the business
Before this project was launched, careful consideration was given to answering the question, ‘How could the internet add value to the Russian Language Centre?’ To answer this question, research was conducted in the following areas; Branding, Reducing Costs, Increasing Sales and Automating Systems. The output of that research is shown in the following areas:
Lesson Bookings, Administration and Payment
The provision of group and individual lessons is a core service and the main cash generator. Quick, easy to use online systems enable students to gather information, make informed decisions on lesson options, book places and make payment with minimal intervention from the company. The provision of detailed and up to date information is essential to this process and reduces the need for students to contact administrators. All booking information is securely stored and made available to class administrators which minimises paperwork saving both time and money. Linking bookings to a payment system increases cash flow, ensures all lesson bookings are genuine and eliminates ‘no shows’.
Student Management and Communications
Automated student communications with intervention when bookings fall outside set parameters, increases client confidence in processes and reduces demands on staff time. The system also enables retrieval of student records, learning progress and contact details, and provides for individual, group or bulk communication by email. This feature could be used to remind students about forthcoming exams, social activities or for promotional purposes.
The ecommerce facility was created primarily to speed-up payment for lessons and exams, but was extended to include payment for membership to the social club, purchasing of learning materials and to a Russian Language Centre shop selling Russian cultural items. The ecommerce facility is a new area of income for the company which is growing month on month.
Site Structuring
The site has been structured to reflect the company’s core purpose, the provision of Russian Language Lessons. The site has been built in such a way as to attract people interested in Russian Language Learning and Russian Culture and to encourage them to book lessons with the Russian Language Centre. All additional services and features are presented to enhance rather than obscure the lesson service.
Content Management System
An extensive content management system has been integrated with a lesson booking system, a student management system and an ecommerce system all provided through one interface which allows for the complete control of all information presented on the site. As all four systems are presented through one interface administrators only have to login once to have full access. This integration of backend systems has the added advantage of merging updates into all systems, so that changes in the CMS, filter into the booking and ecommerce systems and then into individual student records when booking are made.

Client Testimonial

"The new website has transformed our business. The amount of admin associated with booking classes has reduced dramatically and students appreciate the improvements the website has made in our communications with them. We are pleased with the design of the site and the easy to use content management system. Thanks to all the team."

Olga Makarenko


Rusian Language Center