Project Information

Client: Unicorn and Co.
Project Type: Web Development
Project Technology: Core PHP, Ajax, jScript
Project Url: unicornco.uk

Project Brief

The Unicornco.uk project revolved around two key factors; design and content management. The design element was fundamental to a successful outcome. We had to be sure that we accurately captured the essence of the image the company wished to portray online. Secondly the site had to have a robust custom content management system that allowed the website administrators to control and update page content on a regular basis. To ensure both these factors were taken care of, Unicorn and Co was always involved at every step of design and development.
Web Design
A professional design and layout for a service provider that works directly with corporate clients was required. A layout which incorporates the company's brand image, alongside a professional, modern and clean design was developed.

Site Structuring
We took the time to carefully plan the menu structure of the website to make sure that all relevant information was found under the correct sections. We grouped pages as necessary, so that we could maintain a minimalistic navigation menu to aid ease of use. This led to a clean header, easy to reach pages and a well-organised footer section.
Content Management System
Unicorn and Co required a robust content management system that allowed them to control every aspect of their website. Even though we could have integrated one of the more common out of the box CMS solutions used by many websites, we felt that platforms such as WordPress were not the best option. Many out of the box solutions are known to have security issues which tend to make them vulnerable to hacking and virus attacks. In addition they increase the chance of error being incorporated into a project. To this end, we custom built a bespoke Content Management System which allows Unicorn and Co to maintain their own website without any hassle. Our flexible CMS permits the user to edit many aspects of the website, from content to icons and more whilst ensuring the user doesn't end up causing breaks in the design.
To protect client confidentiality the images shown of the CMS contain false data